The Mitta Mitta River tailrace begins below the Dartmouth regulating pondage. Due to the depth of Lake Dartmouth, it supplies very cold and clear water into the river, making it ideal for trout. The Mitta Mitta River is characterised by fantastic long riffle sections, often with large pools in between, set against a backdrop of valley farms and picturesque mountains. The gravel bottom for much of the Mitta’s length provides ideal habitat for Caddis, Stoneflies and Mayflies. As a result of the in-stream habitat, the river can provide great nymphing and hatch-based fishing. The Mitta is also home to our largest Mayfly, the Kosciusko Dun (Coloburiscoides) which can provide some outstanding evening rise sessions. Larger terrestrial insects feature highly in summer, providing another visually entertaining way to fish this great river!

The raft opens up many kilometres of river and is truly a great way to fish the Mitta. Large gravel bars can be explored on foot by exiting the raft. Depending on the season and flow conditions, we can be rafting the Mitta as early as trout season opening. Reliable hatches usually begin by early October and large terrestrials like grasshoppers and cicadas begin to make an appearance as summer rolls around. The elusive platypus is regularly encountered, providing a welcome distraction for both fisherman or even a non-fishing partner.

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River Escapes has the local knowledge and know-how to help you experience and fully appreciate the fantastic trout streams the region has to offer. All levels of experience are catered for, or if there is a new technique you would like to learn we can show you how. Our guided fly fishing is available for one to two people. By matching locations to your level of ability we can make sure you get the most out of your day. Full day trips can include accessing more remote locations by 4wd if desired.

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Our evening rise trips are for anglers who can already comfortably cast a fly rod. We offer evening rise tours either for streamside fishing or fishing from the raft in an Alpine lake. It is perfect for those on a tight schedule and takes advantage of the prime hours of last light. Your guide thoroughly understands the local insect hatches, so you can rest assured you will have an appropriate fly tied on.