DeerGuided Deer Hunting Victoria
Want to learn about deer in Australia? And the best tactics to hunt them?
We can provide you with tailor made hunts whether you’re after your first deer or that special trophy,
All our free range hunting is done on private properties.
Ranch style hunts are available for Trophy fallow and red deer
These fallow and red deer are among the biggest in Australia and are of the highest quality trophy’s our ranch hunts are all inclusive and have a 100% success rate
Hunts are available for free range Fallow and Sambar for both archers and shooters.
full house accommodation available in top hunting country.
We also cater for all types of camping.
Some recent pics now available click on the link to view you tube video: Fallow shot other videos on same channel
Also check us out on facebook for updates ontarget hunting
Life’s short hunt hard
and stay safe.

• Pricing and Packages

All our hunting is carried out on a range of private properties for safety and
higher chances of taking a nice trophy. We have both free range fallow and Sambar also fallow and red ranch style

Hunts are available for both archers and shooters.
We are very professional and also very family friendly with plenty of things to do and see.
Hunters will meet the guide at a designated time and place to then proceed to hunting areas!

Hunting For free range Fallow and Sambar Fly camp via Helicopter

A 3 day hunt will cost $2700
5 day hunt $3200

-Helicopter flights in and out of private and public land
-camping arrangements
-Preparation of trophies
-Transport to and from hunting areas
-All your meals and beverages
Taxidermy drop off
Gun loan (30-06 or 9.3 x 64)
Gun caliber minimum: .270
Sambar and Fallow free range hunting with full house accommodation
3 Day hunt $1800
5 day hunt $2500
This trip includes.
-Full house Accommodation
-Preparation of trophies
-Transport to and from hunting areas
-Meals and beverages

Ranch style hunts are available for Trophy fallow and red deer and are among the biggest taken in Australia
The all-inclusive package includes:
-All meals
-Pickup and drop off from a place designated by the hunter
-1 trophy animal
-Trophy prep
-Does not include taxidermy but it can be organized for you
$2950 for a trophy Fallow all-inclusive package
$3950 for a trophy Red deer all-inclusive package

Fishing is available from October through to February
We go for all fresh water species our main targets include Cod , redfin ,brown trout and rainbow we also target fresh water crayfish in season
cost is $450 a day which will include your house accommodation, equipment hire, boat use and bait

-Combinations available on request for a Hunting/ Fishing adventure

-Great Photography weekends available

-General Farm stay holidays available also with plenty of activities for the whole family

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