Buffalo Hunting Australia conducts all hunting on a free range, fair chase basis.
Buffalo are Australia’s premier and largest feral big game animal and are found across the Northern Territory’s Top End. Water buffalo have a deservedly ‘hard to kill’ reputation and have been rated as the toughest bovines on earth. On that basis when hunting buffalo, they deserve your full attention and respect. We have the country’s largest hunting concession 66,000 square kilometres of wild, untamed Australian outback.
Buffalo Hunting Australia are fully Government Accredited & Insured Tour Operators.
Your first question when looking for an outfitter should be to ask to see their accreditation and insurance. Buffalo are dangerous game and you need the attention of professional and experienced operators. Hunting ‘buff’ in the Top End is right up there with any big game hunting around the world. Buffalo Hunting Australia will give you red, hot hunting action with top quality trophies and memories to last a life time!
Buffalo Hunting Australia Packages, what do I get?
* Fully guided hunts
* Genuine big game hunting experience
* Transport from Darwin to hunting properties & return
* Trophy fees as per hunting package specification
* Accommodation
* Property access fees
* All meals
* Non alcoholic drinks
* European style trophy
* We cater for – Rifle, Shotgun & Bow Hunters

Mature water buffalo bulls can weigh 1000kg or over 2000 pounds. Much has been written about suitable calibers for these large & VERY tough ANIMALS. We have been using a 375 H&H and it performs as one would expect, The moral of the story is use as MUCH gun as you are comfortable with, use premium bullets for the big stuff and ensure accurate shot placement.

We have a variety of hunting rifles that you can use while hunting with us or you may choose to bring your own, but it is important to realize that wounding an animal is what makes buffalo hunting dangerous, so you need a rifle and a caliber that does the job effectivly. At the top of the hill we have .458 win mag as our premier buffalo Stoppers alongside a .375 H&H. We also have .300wsm as a pig or donkey stopper, remember shot placement is critical and as Geoff Corry says:

“A well placed shot from any caliber is just as effective as a miss placed shot from a cannon”

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